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4km Time Trial
If you're new to VICSYSTEM then you should perform a 4km time trial to accurately assess your current fitness.

For the time trial we ask that you find a flat 4km route and run it as fast as you can. Your pace should be even, if you aren't sure about your pace it's better to be conservative at first and run the second half faster than the first half.

Here is how you should proceed:
  • No training the day before, you should be fresh and recovered for the time trial
  • You need a precisely measured 4km route, 400m track or treadmill
  • Warm-up for 10 minutes with an easy jog
  • Time your 4km route (10 laps of an outdoor track) and make sure you finish fast giving a maximum effort!
  • 10 minute cool-down
After the Time Trial
The time trial is a unique and important part of the VICSYSTEM training program. The time trial (along with other data such as your goals, personal schedule, workout feedback, fitness measurements, age, etc.) will be used to calculate your training paces. Your personal training plan will adapt and change as your fitness develops. It is therefore important that you enter your feedback after you complete a training session (or at least before you start your next session) as your training plan might get adjusted as soon as your next run.

Repetition of Time Trial
If you feel as though you've reached a higher level of fitness and the sessions seem too easy you may want to re-do the time trial. Conversely if you have taken a break from running and are starting out at a lower fitness level you may want to re-run the time trial to better represent your current probably lower fitness level. If you are simply not happy with your performance in your latest time trial you can run another any time, but make sure you are recovered before you attempt a new one.

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