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Core Strength Core Strength
Most important: Before you sit in front of the TV, get out of the chair and on a yoga mat!

Core Muscles
Your core muscles include your abdominal muscles (transversus and rectus) as well as your pelvic floor muscles, obliques, small muscles around the spine (multifidus, erector spinae, longissimus) and diaphragm. Having a strong core is one of the basic building blocks of every athlete. The following exercises are aimed to increase your core strength.

Do them!
Perform the exercises described here several times a week. The days without hard training are best suited to do these exercises. You can click on the pictures below to read an explanation on how to carry out each exercise as well as see the proper form. Professional athletes do these exercises at least 2 times a week for 45 to 60 minutes, can you beat them?

Core Strength

Foot Exercises

Weight training

Running Drills (click image for video)

Why do these exercises?
The quick answer; you will run more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury when you incorporate stability exercises into your training regime.

A strong core will eliminate excessive trunk rotation and keep your biomechanics from breaking down as you tire.

Strong core muscles and a stable pelvis allow you to maintain proper running form.

By reducing unnecessary movement your power will be devoted to propelling your body forward.

When you move in an efficient manner you will reduce the unwanted forces that arise from sloppy mechanics which can lead to imbalances and injuries.

Do all these exercises (core strength, foot exercises, running drills, weights) several times a week to take advantage of all the benefits above!

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