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VICSYSTEM offers dynamic training plans for everyone from beginners to elite athletes.

The training plans are constructed with the latest findings and collaborated with elite athletes such as Eric Gillis and Reid Coolsaet.

The following is how VICSYSTEM will help you achieve your athletic goals:

  • Creates a tailored training plan anywhere from the 5km to Ultra marathons starting from your current fitness level, be that the couch or top form.
  • Sessions geared towards you and your goals based on sports science with the appropriate periodization phases taken into account.
  • Tells you exactly what to run in your training sessions, giving detailed specifications of distance, pace, intensity, time and heart rate.
  • Recognizes changes in your fitness and adapts dynamically.
  • Instantly calculates your training needs as you enter your training feedback, change your profile, calendar or competitions.
  • Plans your strength conditioning, core stability exercises, running drills and injury prevention exercises.

Take advantage of the experience and expertise of active professional runners.

Good luck from your VICSYSTEM team (→ register).
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